S.No Config Value     Description
1     CreditCardSurcharge
Add the percent (1%) if there is any credit card surcharge for card transactions.     
2 Currency     Dollar or Rupee    
3     Default Product Type If there are different product types for a product.like( 7inch, 10 inch, 13 inch) add the producttypeid ( ex 1 for 7 inch) that is to be selected when a product is added to the order. 
4     Delivery Fee     Not required . Ignore
5     Discount Not Allowed Categories     Add the category ID's for which the discount wouldn't be applied for the products listed in this category.
For example, if you don't want discounts on Bar category. Find out the category id of Bar and list it out here. So when a discount is applied on the bill. Bar items would be excluded    
6 Enable Caching     Always set this to 1    
7     Enable Description Printing     Set this to 1 if you want the product description to be printed on KOT's and Bill receipt        
8 Enable Double Printing     Set this to 1 if you want to two bills to be printed when closing a transaction     
9 Enable Drive Thru Set this to 1 if you want the Drive thru screen to be enabled. Also, make sure the order type code for car dine is "DT" and Order type ID to be 5    
10 Enable Kitchen Display Set this to 1 for bump screen in the app , else set this to 0
11 Enable Printer Set this to 1 for printing to work, set this to 0 only when giving demo.
12     EnableRestrictedAccess ??? Snehit can you fill this? I don't remember what this is for ?
13     EnableSwappingIngredients Set this to 1 , exclusively for Eagle boys Pizza ( additional charges won't occur if you replace ingredients of same type)
14 EnableTables Set this to 1 , if you want to enable table screen in the app    
15     HalfAndHalfAllowedCategories  
16     OnlyBillingPrinter Set this to 1 , If Use Epson is set to 1 and if you want the KOT to be printed from the billing printer, else set to 0    
17     DifferentOnlinePricing
Set this to 1 , if there are multiple menu's. i.e different prices based on order types. Example : Take away menu separate pricing or Foodpanda different pricing    
18     OnlineProductType    
Add the ProductTypeID which has the different pricing. For example if  there are three order types ( Dine , Takeaway, Online) . the pricing for Dine In is different to Takeaway and Online. We create a second product type called "online" ( add the different prices for the products here) and add the ID of Online Product type here    
19   OnlineOrderTypes
Add the ordertypeID which has different pricing to the default pricing  here. Continuing previous example , you will ordertypeid's of takeaway and online if they have different pricing compared to dine in prices    
20   Use Epson Set this to 1 , if all the printers at the client site are Epson LAN printers( No need to add printers from devices and printers if this is enabled, works by IP address), else use 0 and add the printers manually
21     Use Multiprinter     Set this to 1 if KOT is required. else 0 for quick service with just bill
22 AllowStaffSelection     Set this to 1 if you want to select the staff for every order you take. Staff Screen . Drive thru should also be enabled for this feature.    
23             ShowSubcategories     Set this to 0 if you want hide the subcategory layer in the menu screen( APP) , else set this to 1