ID     Permission     Description
1 Open Cash Drawer enables access to Open Till button , which opens the cash drawer . The cash drawer must be connected to the printer for this to work. This only works when Use Epson is set to 1
2 Close Till Enables Cash Management activities( Open till, cash in , cash out and close till)    
3 Transfer Tables Enables access to transfer table on the Table screen    
4 Accept Payments Can close the order from any screen     ( Table or orderlist or from the menu screen)
5 Reprint Receipts Can reprint the receipts for any order     
6 Edit Order If this is enabled, Can edit running orders. If only this is enabled, users other than managers can only edit orders punched by them 
7 Cancel Order Can cancel the whole order ( from the table screen and orderlist screen)
8 Cancel Order Items Can cancel an order item in a running table    
9 Edit Paid Order
Can edit a paid order( Update the items, apply discount or can do any manipulation to a paid order)    
10 EditAnyOrder Allows to edit any order which is pending . Enabled when Staff wants to edit orders punched by other people      
11 ApplyDiscount     access to give cash or Percent discounts
12 ViewCashManagement
if enabled gives access to cash management screen. 

Note: Permission ID's in the database should be exactly the same as mentioned in the above table.